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[Cob] clothes clay slip?

Dulane silkworm at
Mon Feb 25 23:17:50 CST 2008

Re: Temporary lime roof

I wish I could find where I read about this, but my understanding is that 
you can use canvas or an ugly sheet and dip it in lime or maybe paint it on. 
You'd want to do this on a warm dry day, I'm sure, and probably lay it flat, 
like on a garage floor. And put plastic underneath to protect your floor, 
etc. Maybe paint it in place on the roof, several coats if necessary. Then 
use it like a tarp for at least 1 season before having to repaint. I think 
some fine sand in the mix would help seal the surface too.

Hydrated lime makes a hard calcium crust, like an egg shell. (Clean up any 
splatters within an hour because it gets harder as it sets.)

Liver dangerously...experiment!

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| How temporary?
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| > They use lime dipped cloth to make temporary roofs.
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