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[Cob] Flex-i-forming in Cob

Ray Cirino cobanation at
Mon Mar 10 12:51:15 CDT 2008

Dear All,
Here's the latest in cob construction. This weekend we used for the first time as I know perforation metal forms of 16ga metal to form curved raised garden beds. We put only gravel under the 16" wall and will cover the surface with linseed oil. We took the forms off after 4 hours in low humidity and 80 degree air temperature. The forms pulled up using the pointed end of a pick. As we pulled away the formed I could only imagine using 4'x10' 11ga for curved structural walls. We also did a hand formed wall we all agreed  took longer.  The seven year old girl helped us with the gravel and driving in the steaks for the form. I know not all of you can find this kind of form your area, but if you do it works great.


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