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[Cob] Flex-i-form & word-o-rama /slaked Lime

Dirtcheapbuilder-Charmaine tms at
Mon Mar 10 16:33:02 CDT 2008

On Mar 10, 2008, at 10:51 AM,

Ray Cirino wrote:  driving in the steaks for the form  <<<   ?? gosh 
isn't that expensive to use  T bone red meat as wood stakes?? < grin>  
I luv ya Ray!!   thanks for sharing... we all appreciate it.

other abused werdz I see on various lists:             (My inner 
English teacher  must be screaming)

their and there

your and you're

its ( possessive)  vs  it's ( it is)

moot point and mute point

efflorescence ( white bloom on brick)  and evervescence  ( bubbles in 

SLAKED  lime ( mfg's  burn limestone then slake in water   to make 
powdered hydrated lime)   VS  SOAKED lime-- what you do when you buy 
slaked lime and put it in clean water to make lime putty

ALL   purchased,  bagged lime is  already slaked- just once during the  
mfg process...  if you can get hot lime  quick lime/ lump lime) not  
usually avail to the public, and can provide a controlled  water 
slaking  process it will go from a lump to a powder by using the  water 
to slake (quench) its need... after that lime can be kept in the water 
as wet lime, but  only professional masons and others can get access.

it is cheaper to soak your own lime and mellow it for putty, plasters, 
washes.  and the gritty recarboonated bits that might form on the edge 
of the tub is now limestone again and can be used as aggregate, like 
sand, so don't toss it, but don't use in fine wall plaster either.

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