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[Cob] architect Nader Khalili passed today

Ray Cirino cobanation at
Wed Mar 12 00:05:13 CDT 2008

Dearest members of Cal-Earth Forum,
> I am bringing you the heartbreaking news that architect Nader Khalili 
> died on 
am holding the hand of his son,
> Dastan and myself and with the kisses of his daughter, Sheefteh,  
> and those of his brothers still fresh on his cheeks. He left his  
> body, and he left us behind to mourn his passing, to miss him, and  
> to follow his passionate last instructions to every apprentice to  
> carry on his work and keep alive his vision. The flames that  
> ignited him in life and the quest that brought each of you to Cal- 
> Earth to learn from him have touched all of us and led us on this  
> path....the right path....... for arts, humanity and the  
> environment. His work and words have inspired us and his spirit is  
> powerfully alive in every work and word, building and echo that  
> your enthustiastic and loving hands have helped to create for this  
> world.
> He soul imbues every grain of sand and every memory contained in  
> Cal-Earth, which expresses so much of his personal life of the last  
> 17 years. And your works, like seeds have been growing and  
> flourishing in every corner of the world, carried on the water of  
> humility that is so irresistible and nourishing....
> khak shavam, khak shavam, ta ze to sar sabz shavam,
> ab shavam, sajdekonan, ta be golestan beresam....
> We will hold a pre-burial vigil at Cal-Earth for those nearby on  
> Sunday during the day, also to comfort each other....Cal-Earth is  
> open any time for those who want to come and meditate. Candles have  
> been kept alight in the Rumi dome since the time of his death.
> His body will be buried in the coming week on 
Tuesday or Wednesday  
> with Islamic rites in Oak Park cemetery in the City of Claremont in  
> the bosom of his family and much of their history in America. This  
> is about 35-40 mins. drive from Cal-Earth. There will be a public  
> ceremony beforehand in one of the university gardens to honor his  
> gift to humanity, with a ritual that reflects Nader's love of  
> simplicity, the arts, and with the dignity and nobility that he  
> deserves.
> Cal-Earth will hold a public memorial day to celebrate his life  
> some weeks after that.
> In these days please pray for his soul's safe passage to the next  
> life and support each other with love and kindness. Every day, every  
> painful step for me without him is like walking on glass, but we  
> must believe that there is a purpose to all things, and as he  
> always said: When one door closes in the universe, another one is  
> also opening. He is able to travel and be with each of you now.
> With love,
> Iliona
> and all at Cal-Earth Institute

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