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[Cob] FWD: Natural/Alternative Building event in Bath, New York

Mark Piepkorn duckchow at
Tue May 6 11:17:02 CDT 2008

On 5/4/2008, houseca11s wrote:
>interested in a more sustainable and better built environment. Work 
>side by side with the foremost builders, designers and experts in 
>the fields of natural building, renewable energy, alternative fuels, 
>grey water systems, and permaculture. Gain knowledge and experience 
>through demonstrations, presentations and community building using 
>strawbale, cob, earthbags, natural plasters and finishes, timber 
>frames and other environmentally appropriate materials. On the land 
>and under the stars. Early registration and student discounts 
>available. For more information visit or call 607-776-4060

That's a good description, especially the "On the land and under the 
stars" line. There's some of us that go to this one every year (this 
is the fifth annual northeast natural building colloquium they've 
hosted). Whether or not you're thinking about coming, check out the photos:

This year's presenter lineup hasn't been finalized, but it's been a 
winner every time. A partial list of past presenters includes (alphabetically):

Laura Bartels

Deanne Bednar

Janine Bjornson

Dan Chiras

Carole Crews

Aaron Dennis

Sam Droege,_Sam.html

David Eisenberg

Ianto Evans

Ben Falk

Chris Fox

Pete Fust

Sarah Highland

Mark Hoberecht

Josh Jackson

Joe Jenkins

Sun Ray Kelly

Tim Owen-Kennedy

Doni Kiffmeyer

Sigi Koko

Paul Lacinski

Mark Lakeman

Satomi and Tom Lander

Sarah Machtey

Jim Merkel

Frank Meyer

Darren Molnar-Port

Ed Raduazo

Jaki and Rob Roy

Clark Sanders

Tim Schlitzer

Ben Simpson

Catherine Wanek

and more