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[Cob] Factory waste cob

Yun Que yunk88 at
Fri May 9 06:08:08 CDT 2008

sarcasim, Prozac, vaccinations, floride, GMO's artifical sweetners...and the list goes on.......for me keeping it as close to nature has it's advantages.
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CC: coblist at deatech.comFrom: tms at northcoast.comSubject: Re: [Cob] Factory waste cobDate: Thu, 8 May 2008 23:55:03 -0700To: yunk88 at

On May 8, 2008, at 10:46 PM, Yun Que wrote:  this will tell you a little ... I wonder if they said the same things about asbestos?_____________HUH?    ? asbestos?   why throw that wrench in? every commercial product must have an MSDS sheet,, why assume this product is related to asbestos? or as bad?? I dont get it. << sodium carboxymethylcellulose Methylcellulose & Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose: Uses in Paper Conservationthe ingredients are also found in food products and eye drops...Methylcellulose (MC) and sodium carboxymethylcellulose (sod. CMC) have many other uses besides those in conservation. A brief rummage through your medicine cabinet may come up with such products as toothpaste, laxatives, or diet pills each of which may contain either MC or sod. CMC. Other products include ice cream, water-based paints, detergents and a variety of paper products to name but a few. Characteristics which make them useful are: high viscosity in low concentrations, defoaming abilities, surfactant, and bulking abilities. They are not toxic and do not promote allergic reactions in humans.Charmaine Taylor Publishing   10th Year $10. book Sale on 100+ books/ Tel:  1-707-441-1632 PST   PO Box 375 Cutten CA 95534 
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