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[Cob] factory waste vs nature

Kristi Shapla kristishapla at
Fri May 9 16:34:29 CDT 2008

Yes, I like to keep things natural as well.  But, if faced with a decision between digging clay from a "natural" environment, or using harmless factory bi-products (it isn't veegum, just what's left after they extract what they need), I will always choose the latter.  Trucking it to our site will actually use less fossil fuels than if they dropped it at their usual location.  Also, it becomes a viable alternative for city-dwellers who would have to truck clay/sand in from an undisclosed location (which could be contaminated earth).
I spoke with my father-in-law, who used to work there.  I asked him if this stuff was safe for his grandkids to play in (which they will be-during the workshop).  He said it is safe even if they ate it.
As far as breathing it in, it is never good to breathe in dust of any kind, no matter how natural.  So we will keep it wet.
I wonder what other industries have clay/sand as a bi-product?  I imagine lots of minerals are extracted from clay...

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