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[Cob] free stuff

William Milmoe wmilmoe at
Sat May 10 18:19:24 CDT 2008

 Regarding using words like "harmless" or hearsay is not respectful in my
humble opinion (MYO).  Whether it is true or not it makes me think someone
has a motive.

What process was used to "extract" the product?  Mechanical?  Chemical?
Love?  If chemical what chemicals?  What is the original source of the raw
material?  These fact give us a cahnce to judge ourselves what is
appropriate for us.  One person's 'meat' is another person's poison and many
peoples 'meat' is a green, seed, nut, fruit or vegetable.

Thanks for the conversation.


Yes, I like to keep things natural as well.  But, if faced with a
decision between digging clay from a "natural" environment, or using
harmless factory bi-products (it isn't veegum, just what's left after
they extract what they need), I will always choose the latter.
Trucking it to our site will actually use less fossil fuels than if
they dropped it at their usual location.

Krista- I am glad to see reasonable minds prevail.  We all make choices
and pick battles, this byproduct sounds like a great solution for you.

There was a great, fine  black sand I got free ( broken bags) at a
local builder's supplier, I called the manufacturer in Canada  and when
I checked out how it was made,what it was for I found out the "blast
sand"  was for taking off paint on ships and cars,  AND was actually
used in aquariums  for pricey tropical fish too!!

Denouncing something, or smearing it's name or use, without proper
information, based on one's  irrational fear does not serve the "good
of all"