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[Cob] FW: Bees

Yun Que yunk88 at
Sun May 11 12:01:57 CDT 2008

CAT Here! Reasons for simplification of our lives and using what we know and understand....stick to clay...just clay...straw just straw...sand just sand...and if it's degenerate...move!  Or don't It's your life... As to limiting the information to only issues of cob construction it would seem we have become so departmentalized...mesmerized by separation  that we have lost sight of what life and survival are about....your cob home is SHELTER!  hello!  It is not shelter if it is toxic.  Do what you will and take responsibility for your actions...Good luck folks!    
No leaders, No followers!  CAT

I am trying to limit my apocalyptic e mails but I have to send this along. Makes sense

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