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[Cob] Rototiller

Mitch Ventura h_anpyp at
Tue May 13 09:04:52 CDT 2008

Am still gathering as much info as I can on cob building prior to my cob project sometime in late 2010 (when I should be finished here in Iraq... still a perfect region for cob but may not ever see that technology, ironic as that may seem); this Forum has been a great source for data and links to other sites (my thanks to almost everyone).
  Anyway, came across the following website that had a few twists on views that I have previously seen written and argued on in this Forum:
  Never thought of using a rototiller (and would have relegated it to the same negative views that I read on cement mixers).
  The use of added straw may not be good for me as I maintain a residence in a subtropical climate (great for bacteria, mold, termites, and other organic consumers).
  Wonder if the more technically inclined members of this Forum could voice their opinion on the rototiller and added straw...
  Ma'a salama.
  (somewhere near Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq)
  P.D. Fellow firefighters laugh at me all the time as I am a bit of a tree hugger, but a realistic one at that... sure the rototiller uses some gas, but how many of us have guzzled gallons of fuel in order to attend an eco-seminar far from home? (LOIL... Lots Of Ironic Laughter)


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