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[Cob] Rototiller

Henry Raduazo raduazo at
Tue May 13 14:34:57 CDT 2008

Note regarding rototiller mixing of cob. Use a sharp lawn mower to  
shred and break up the straw "flakes" before you till it into the  
mix. Chopping up the straw a little ensures that it will not wind  
it's self up on the tines of the tiller, but it will still be plenty  
long enough to act as a reinforcement in your wall. Alternatively, if  
you have a field of standing hay, straw or dried grass, you can use a  
lawn mower to harvest the straw for a cob wall.
On May 13, 2008, at 10:04 AM, Mitch Ventura wrote:

> Am still gathering as much info as I can on cob building prior to  
> my cob project sometime in late 2010 (when I should be finished  
> here in Iraq... still a perfect region for cob but may not ever see  
> that technology, ironic as that may seem); this Forum has been a  
> great source for data and links to other sites (my thanks to almost  
> everyone).
>   Anyway, came across the following website that had a few twists  
> on views that I have previously seen written and argued on in this  
> Forum:
>   Never thought of using a rototiller (and would have relegated it  
> to the same negative views that I read on cement mixers).
>   The use of added straw may not be good for me as I maintain a  
> residence in a subtropical climate (great for bacteria, mold,  
> termites, and other organic consumers).
>   Wonder if the more technically inclined members of this Forum  
> could voice their opinion on the rototiller and added straw...
>   Ma'a salama.
>   Mitch
>   (somewhere near Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq)
>   P.D. Fellow firefighters laugh at me all the time as I am a bit  
> of a tree hugger, but a realistic one at that... sure the  
> rototiller uses some gas, but how many of us have guzzled gallons  
> of fuel in order to attend an eco-seminar far from home? (LOIL...  
> Lots Of Ironic Laughter)
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