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[Cob] desert brush uses? (submission)

C. W. destructo667 at
Wed May 14 15:07:44 CDT 2008

i'm out in north west arizona and just had my
projected living area cleared and graded. i just raked
out all the desert brush into an area and had the
quandry of how to put the sticks to use...? i had the
thought that some of the smaller stalks might be a
good substitute for straw and the larger sticks might
make good waddle daub or thatch, however these are not
things i am familiar with. i took courses at cal-earth
( for rammed earth bags and know just a
little about adobe, but cob isn't something i've yet
another experiment for when my well has been
completed, i suppose.
mainly though, i was hoping to get other people's
thoughts or ideas on what practical use these nice
little desert dried brush might have- rather than
roasting marshmallows on?