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[Cob] Where people are from on the coblist

Shannon Dealy dealy at
Wed May 14 17:09:42 CDT 2008

On Wed, 14 May 2008 sly at wrote:
> I've been loving this list and was wondering if anyone knew if there was
> an equivalent list in Europe.  I'm moving back to Spain and would love to
> be able to tap in.  I am also looking for an equivalent to the Willing
> workers for alternative technology list.

It may seem at times like this is a USA oriented list, but it isn't 
intended that way, it is just that there are probably more people trained 
in cob in the USA than anywhere else.  Of course lists which are local to 
your area are also useful to deal with local issues and get to know people 
in your immediate vincinity.  I haven't checked in a while (and it's 
harder to tell these days), but we have extensive membership (currently 
755 people) from around the world which currently or in the past included 
(off the top of my head and in no particular order):

    USA            Canada     Mexico      Brazil    Israel
    United Kingdom Ireland    France      Spain     Germany
    Italy          Denmark    Finland     Sweden    Egypt
    Japan          India      Taiwan      Pakistan  Malaysia
    Thailand       Australia  New Zealand Hungary   Romania
    Georgia        Ukraine    South Africa

There are more countries in Africa, Central America, and elsewhere, but I 
just don't remember which ones.  I tried to do a count years ago and came 
up with over 30 that time.

NOTE: These are the countries I am aware of members being located in, 
there are probably many more that I am not aware of.


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