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[Cob] COb lists in Europe

billc billc_lists at
Wed May 14 16:46:52 CDT 2008

At 11:44 AM -0700 5/14/08, sly at wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>I've been loving this list and was wondering if anyone knew if there was
>an equivalent list in Europe.  I'm moving back to Spain and would love to
>be able to tap in.  I am also looking for an equivalent to the Willing
>workers for alternative technology list.

The nearest equivalent to WWAT in Europe is probably the Hands for 
Knowledge (H4K) group.  It's been a while since I checked in on them, 
but they were much more inclined toward having a central group 
approve both the projects and the participants in advance, as opposed 
to our somewhat cavalier, caveat emptor method with WWAT.  Of course, 
you're welcome to post projects/requests based in Spain to WWAT, as 

Details at <>

You also might want to get in touch with Maren Termens 
<autoconstruccin at> and/or Rikki  Nitzkin 
<rikkinitzkin at>, who are both involved in strawbale work 
(and probably other stuff) in Spain.

Bill Christensen
billc at

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