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[Cob] Countertop Ideas

rodger at rodger at
Thu May 15 11:52:17 CDT 2008

If you treat it like it's an earthen floor, you might get a fabulous finish.  An actually drying oil like Linseed or Tung, given adequate time to cure, then beeswax does the trick.  It's a tricky process though, and lots of things to know about oils... so do your research.

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> Hello,
> I built a bar made of adobe. But the finish surface is still abit
> moist and if you rub against it with your hands or clothing you will
> get red on you :(
> Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can harden this countertub so
> its usable? On one side is where the customers will sit. The other
> side is where the workers till prepare salads, juices, water, etc.
> Any suggestions on what I can do here would be greatly appreciated.
> Here is a photo of the area.
> Stephen
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