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[Cob] Countertop Ideas

James from House Alive james at
Thu May 15 12:23:25 CDT 2008

When you say "moist," do you mean it hasn't dried fully?  Or is it still
oily from an oil coat?  What kind of oil did you use?  If it was a
non-hardening oil (like raw linseed oil or vegetable-based oil), it could
take weeks and weeks to dry.  If it's still wet from water, then let it dry
fully before doing any sealing.

You could try a wax, like floor wax or bees wax.  I would test it on a small
section before coating the whole thing.  If that isn't satisfactory, try a
clear wood sealant (i.e. Thompsons water seal).  I know I'm going to catch
hell for that suggestion, but it works!

Good luck,

On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 9:35 AM, Stephen Karrington <sales at>

> Hello,
> I built a bar made of adobe. But the finish surface is still abit
> moist and if you rub against it with your hands or clothing you will
> get red on you :(
> Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can harden this countertub so
> its usable? On one side is where the customers will sit. The other
> side is where the workers till prepare salads, juices, water, etc.
> Any suggestions on what I can do here would be greatly appreciated.
> Here is a photo of the area.
> Stephen
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