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[Cob] Counter Top

Stephen Karrington sales at
Thu May 15 15:03:23 CDT 2008

When you say "moist," do you mean it hasn't dried fully?  Or is it still
oily from an oil coat?

-- It's moist because it will never dry. Been like this for months and
not much change at all.

What kind of oil did you use?

-- I think they used a vegetable oil.

If it was a non-hardening oil (like raw linseed oil or vegetable-based oil), it could
take weeks and weeks to dry.

-- It's been months already. At least 3-4 months. Am I supposed to
boil the linseed oil before application? 

If it's still wet from water, then let it dry
fully before doing any sealing.

You could try a wax, like floor wax or bees wax.  I would test it on a small
section before coating the whole thing.  If that isn't satisfactory, try a
clear wood sealant (i.e. Thompsons water seal).  I know I'm going to catch
hell for that suggestion, but it works!

-- Is it possible to apply a sealant like that over a moist area and
not have it mold later on?