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[Cob] dome calculator...woohooo!

Yun Que yunk88 at
Mon May 26 19:01:05 CDT 2008

Cat here...sounds great! for a coop...nice way to practice the art!  big site could not find a reciprocal roof but lots of natural building here from all over the world  Leonardo DeVinci's work with reciprocal elements...nicely written
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Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 21:04:51 -0600From: thinksaloud at gmail.comTo: yunk88 at hotmail.comSubject: Re: [Cob] dome calculator...woohooo!
I love your links, Cat.  Have you run across any for how to build a reciprocal roof?  I assume you know what those are--they make a conical roof, with the struts mutually reinforcing each other.  I've got a project for a chicken coop, but I don't want a dome, I want a conical roof.  
btw, what does it mean, "no leaders, no followers"?
Salt Lake City 
On 5/25/08, Yun Que <yunk88 at> wrote: 
Cat here!this has so many possibilities! Neat can choose a size and matrix grid for a house, storage, chicken coop, hot tub or greenhouse...and it can be a knock down structure...could even build a solar room on to your cob house....very sheik!!  A Dome roof perhaps, thatched....what do you think?No leaders, No followers!  CAT_________________________________________________________________Give to a good cause with every e-mail. Join the i'm Initiative from Microsoft. GoodCause_______________________________________________Coblist mailing listCoblist at deatech.com
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