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[Cob] New Member Introduction

Cary Hocker chocker at
Tue May 27 16:39:55 CDT 2008

I'm new to the list and wanted to say Hello.

I'm currently planning a cob cottage in Northeast Texas (Red River county)
and am eager to learn more about cob construction.

I've read quite a bit in the archives of this list, and garnered a lot of
information already.

My favorite cob cottage, and a good model for what I'd like to achieve is
the one pictured at the top of the cobworks Mayne Island gallery - . My property is off grid deep in
the piney woods a few miles south of the Red River, and I think this type of
cottage will fit in perfectly there. My version would be slightly enlarged,
but still two story with a non linear roof. I'm interested in building it
into a south facing, gently sloping hillside, so that the back and parts of
the side walls would be partially bermed.

I live in the Fort Worth area and would be eager to meet up with others in
the region who are experienced (or interested in gaining experience) with
cob construction. I'm willing to volunteer labor as well.

I've emailed Elke Cole (of cobworks) about participating in a cob workshop
in South Texas next month, although working in the summer heat of South
Texas (where I grew up) doesn't excite me too much to be honest. Is anybody
else from the list participating in that workshop?

Cary Hocker
Richland Hills, TX