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[Cob] Earthen Oven Questions

Tim Reese TReese at
Thu May 29 08:05:17 CDT 2008

 I am in process of planning an earthen oven and have a few questions.

Shape: I am considering a 48" by  20" rectangular shaped oven because of
the space & base style.  After reading K. Denzlers book, round seems to
be preferred.  Does a rounder oven function significantly better than

Form: I am considering using a cardboard barrel and wire mesh as form to
attach the cob to rather than sand.  I just feel a little more confident
about it not falling apart if I use some wire mesh.  Anybody have
experience or reasons this isn't a good idea?

Chimney: With a rectangular oven, I am planning a rear chimney that
would be open for firing, but then sealed up.  Denzler recommends a
front chimney, but with a more rectangular design I am wondering if that
will work. Any thoughts?


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