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[Cob] earthbag filled with pure sand foundation

Oliver house at
Fri May 30 04:04:00 CDT 2008

Hi Jaanus,

Contact Paulina of she has built several
straw bale houses with sand bag foundations in Poland.

Regards, Oliver

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Subject: [Cob] earthbag filled with pure sand foundation

   I am planning to build small strawbale-cob cottage with earthbag
   foundation (poly-bags filled with sand). I did not find any info from
   archieve and from Internet about bags filled with sand foundation.
   There a lot of excamples about bags filled with sand-clay mix but no
   any info about earthbags filled with pure sand. I read from Hand
   sculpted... and from a strawbale book that sand will be also ok for
   foundation bag.
   Is there anybody who has experience with earthbag foundation filled
   with sand? How does it work?
   How did you covered the bags? With mesh and then limeplaster or you
   plastered directly on bags?
   How I fill the gaps (bag joints)? With limeplaster and small stones?
   Did you use vertical stakes for stabilize bags?
   I have very sandy site and it will be smart to use what I have.
   Best Regards,