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[Cob] Ray's Los Angeles Junkyrad Tour June 7th

Ray Cirino cobanation at
Mon Jun 2 11:11:38 CDT 2008

Just when you thought there was enough junk in your home, there's a junkyard tour to help stop the stream of waste to over seas. This one will teach you what to buy that lasts for ever and can be used for sustainability in your life. I'll show you where I go to buy special metals and weird shapes that can be put to good use. You'll find things you've never seen before and places you'd never go unless you join us. We'll be all together in one cool school bus which will be how we'll get around as a group someday on a regular basis.

When: June 7th 9:00 AM
Where: 3983 East Blvd.Mar Vista, CA 90066
What to bring: Gloves to rummage with and lunch. 
How much:$25 per person (10 people max)

Things we are looking for:
rooftop growing bends
radar dishes for solar cookers
water catchment and grey water parts
metal trellis parts for growing food
Burningman art projects
Water Woman sustainable art projects
Rocket stove and hot tub parts
The  gut impulse purchase and must have items
Collecting fun parts for Sara's furniture

Call:424-228-4797 to confirm, anyone wanting to drive there cars would be fine.

Look forward to big laughs,