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[Cob] Types of straw.

Peter Kaulback peter at
Mon Jul 21 16:08:25 CDT 2008

Straw is not hay, I feed oats to my sheep and it is too soft to use for 
cob, I can hoist three oat bales for every one straw bale.

First cut just came off the fields the past couple weeks here, I´m north 
of you in the Niagara peninsula, look for any farmer who has bales on 
the fields and ask them as a lot of the farmers who do large bales do 
sometimes produce smaller bales. If not then ask if you can get old 
straw leftovers from last years cuts.

Peter Kaulback

Katherine K Hebenstreit wrote:
> Hello group,
> I am in south eastern Ohio; where it's a bit hilly.   I can't seem to
> find anyone who has straw; most of the locals counter the word straw
> with hay!
> The Amish here do grow oats and use the straw with the grain to feed
> their sheep.  This is the only straw which can be gotten locally!
> Do you see any issues with this concerning cob?
> I'm nearly thinking I should plant poke weed and use the stalks from
> that!
> Katherine You know what Bluegrass is?  Hillbilly Jazz! ---The HEBE