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[Cob] cob oven cracks

Shannon Dealy dealy at
Wed Jul 23 02:30:26 CDT 2008

To quote Kiko Denzer (who has been building ovens and teaching oven 
building for over a decade if my memory is correct):

   "Some cracking is inevitable.  Most will not bea cause for concern.  All
   clays shrink as they dry; some more, some less.  Adding sand to your mix
   can minimize this effect . . ."

The degree of cracking if severe may be a cause for concern, but I have 
never seen, built, or heard of an oven that didn't crack.  Keep in mind 
that the inner shell of the oven is not significantly structural unlike 
the walls to a house.  If you are unsure about any details of building an 
earthen oven, I highly recommend Kiko Denzer's book "Build Your Own Earth 
Oven".  It can be ordered directly from the author's web site at:

In the interest of full disclosure, yes he is a friend of mine, and no I 
don't get anything for plugging his book.


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