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[Cob] floors before walls

Tys Sniffen tys at
Wed Jul 23 23:47:38 CDT 2008

I've been thinking about my building plans, and now that the foundation and
stem wall are done, I'm working on the timber frame system to hold up the
roof.  Next summer, I hope, we'll be working on the cob walls.  Right now my
floors are the drain rock/gravel. and since the sun is hot, making cob
inside, under the roof, seems like the way it will go.  

I started thinking though, that 'dancing' on a tarp laid down on gravel
isn't all that much fun.  I know that making floors last is the general
practice, so you're not beating them up during construction. but since I'm
probably going to be doing 3 or 4 layers (including the radiant heat tubes)
why not put down one layer before starting the cob walls, to give myself a
nice work surface? 

Any thoughts?




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