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[Cob] drain pipe question

Tim Nam tkn317071 at
Tue Aug 12 19:49:16 CDT 2008

I'm doing a rubble trench for a cob project.  
So, I'm wondering, does the drain pipe have to sit on the bottom of the trench? That is, does the trench have to slope away or will the pipe still work if there is some rock underneath it but the pipe slopes away? I'd like my trench to be deeper, right now its just barely at frost line but the plan is to tie into an existing drain pipe so that level is fixed.

Should I put smaller, crushed rock (compacted, of course) underneath the pipe? 

Also, has anyone used old lumber tarps for pipe wrap/trench liner? I need to keep roots out, but the lumber tarps I've acquired might need some roughing up, cause they're in such good shape.

 Tim Kijoo Nam
Corvallis, OR
tkn317071 at
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Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 11:28:50 AM
Subject: [Cob] Last cob building bee of the season (Western Washington)

     "It's Just Mud" Building Bee!

Where: Stanwood, Washington (halfway between Seattle and Bellingham)

When: Saturday, August 16, from 10:00 a.m. until folks get sick of 
looking at us. :)

What you should bring: Gloves, rubber boots or water shoes (if you have 
sensitive feet), a hat if it's hot and sunny, and your enthusiasm. Extra 
shovels, levels, assorted tools are helpful but not required.

What we'll provide: Lots of drinking water, a simple-but-tasty 
vegetarian lunch (not vegan, sorry), tarps, a little bit of cob 
know-how, and a sense of humor. We don't plan to cater to dietary needs, 
so if in doubt, bring your own.

What you'll get out of it: The (very) basics of cob, the aforementioned 
free lunch, good company, the gratitude of fellow natural builders. 
You'll also have the opportunity to peruse our collection of natural 
building books (of which we have many).

What we'll be building: We'll be continuing work on our 113 square foot 
round shed with a mixture of cordwood and cob. We'll install lots of 
"bottle ends" and glass block. The shed will include a cob bench with 
storage niches beneath, several shelves in several sizes and of several 
materials, and other stuff we haven't thought of yet.

We do ask that you RSVP to yewberry[at]wavecable[dot]com, especially if 
you're planning to have lunch. We want to make sure there will be enough 
food, tarps, water, and space for everyone. Feel free to bring the kids, 
but please remember this is a construction area with lots of nice, sharp 
tools lying around.

Oh, and in case you think we're flakes who knows nothing about cob, 
here's our résumé (you'll get to "meet" it if you're able to attend):

Hope to see you here!
Brina & Darin

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