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[Cob] straw in cob or concrete?

Lance Collins collinsl at
Mon Aug 18 01:12:04 CDT 2008

In my response to Ocean's comments I was reacting to his 'all cement 
is bad' tone and saying things about concrete which conflict with my 

I believe in using appropriate technology.  Concrete is a very good 
technology and the fact that some people get the design and building 
of their structures wrong does not support arguments against concrete.

The principal problem with concrete is it's environmental impact 
(which is one of the reasons this list exists).

Straw might work as a concrete re-inforcement but to me it doesn't 
seem worth the bother.  Once you have paid for your concrete for only 
a little extra you can get some steel and also great confidence that 
the steel and concrete will work together to give you a satisfactory result.

For people building their own dwelling probably the only place where 
concrete might be considered is for foundations or retaining walls 
where ground water is a problem.

(in Aus)