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[Cob] Charmaine! Wondered if you were still about.

Katherine K Hebenstreit ganymedesgoblet at
Tue Aug 19 17:27:23 CDT 2008

Hadn't seen you through various and sundry groups.

I had a question concerning the straw for cob and your the first person who popped into my head for any sound advice or opine.  Though I couldn't find your email and other things distracted me; as my dog whelped and seven survived to yipe and miss the newspapers!  Ok, well, they are just getting steady on their feet and able to relieve themselves without mom's aide.   I fawn over them, truth be told.

Hardly anyone in my area grows oats or wheat.  When I speak to people of straw, they talk hay.   Now the Amish do grow oats though do only a top cutting never a second.  They leave the grain on to feed their sheep.    I could get their bales.    

Would this be alright for cob?  I'm sure about half the grain would work out with breaking the bales open,  chopping the straw shorter and scooping it up.  Though some grain would remain.       What's your thoughts on this?


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