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[Cob] fellow crushed by cob home??

joseph r dupont joedupont at
Tue Aug 19 18:48:32 CDT 2008

 Ken Kern was amazing.. 
He left his mark.
It took place in a storm.
He was trying to ride out the storm
It is sad that he had to go...
but he went doing something he believed in.

On Tue, 19 Aug 2008 18:46:00 -0400 "Joe Skeesick" <joe at>
> Only one I can think of is Ken Kern, which while involving earth it 
> wasn't
> exactly cob... The structure as I understand it was a earthen vault
> constructed over concrete ribs. One of the ribs failed which caused 
> the
> collapse. I wouldn't file that one under 'cob' personally.
> I do know first and second hand of several cob failures in England 
> due to
> concrete replacement plaster renders. The concrete trapped the 
> moisture
> inside the wall, which gathered at the foot of the wall until it 
> became
> super saturated and collapsed. Interestingly one particular 
> structure (a twoK
> story home) lost an entire end wall due to this. The occupants heard 
> a loud
> noise in the night, couldn't see anything and went back to bed. They 
> woke in
> the morning, went outside and saw the wall missing, but the 1/2" of 
> lime
> interior plaster held up that end of the home. Needless to say they 
> removed
> the concrete and went back to lime. 
> J
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> Ocean- you said:  Let's not forget the poor
> fellow killed when his cob dome collapsed on him due to failure of
> the straw by water damage.
> +++++++
> Can you be MORE specific? I think this is urban legend.. and will
> consider it so unless someone has any real, factual data.  I am
> thinking your reference is to Ken Kern who died in a different type 
> of
> structure-- it did involve clay-- but it was NOT  a cob home.  and
> thus maybe the  "fellow" is him?
> This is how  urban rumors get started...lets prove it or shut it 
> down
> now for future readers of this list,OK?
> anyone know for sure?
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