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[Cob] fellow crushed by cob home??

Joe Skeesick joe at
Tue Aug 19 17:46:00 CDT 2008

Only one I can think of is Ken Kern, which while involving earth it wasn't
exactly cob... The structure as I understand it was a earthen vault
constructed over concrete ribs. One of the ribs failed which caused the
collapse. I wouldn't file that one under 'cob' personally.

I do know first and second hand of several cob failures in England due to
concrete replacement plaster renders. The concrete trapped the moisture
inside the wall, which gathered at the foot of the wall until it became
super saturated and collapsed. Interestingly one particular structure (a two
story home) lost an entire end wall due to this. The occupants heard a loud
noise in the night, couldn't see anything and went back to bed. They woke in
the morning, went outside and saw the wall missing, but the 1/2" of lime
interior plaster held up that end of the home. Needless to say they removed
the concrete and went back to lime. 


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Ocean- you said:  Let's not forget the poor
fellow killed when his cob dome collapsed on him due to failure of
the straw by water damage.

Can you be MORE specific? I think this is urban legend.. and will
consider it so unless someone has any real, factual data.  I am
thinking your reference is to Ken Kern who died in a different type of
structure-- it did involve clay-- but it was NOT  a cob home.  and
thus maybe the  "fellow" is him?

This is how  urban rumors get started...lets prove it or shut it down
now for future readers of this list,OK?

anyone know for sure?

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