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[Cob] Why is Cob good? Want some hard data?

drub drub at
Thu Sep 25 00:29:44 CDT 2008

Hi Shannon,

These are a little off topic.  Appreciate the tolerance.  The topic is 
so fundamental, and the dynamics of exponential growth is one of the 
reasons that cob is so important and a part of the solution!

Also see this video series.  Parts 3 and 4 are most important for the 
topic of growth.
All the episodes are very good.


Ron Becker wrote:
> Exponential growth is a little understood phenomena that is at the  
> heart of why Evans, Smith and Smiley, [ The Hand Sculpted House ] and  
> many others started advocating building with cob. The link below has  
> everything [and nothing] to do with why cob and other  earth building  
> technologies are good for us for the earth. There are eight 9 minute  
> video segments of A physics professor explaining the effects of  
> exponential growth,  over varying,  relatively short periods, on  
> consumption, production, population, fossil fuel use etc. The simple  
> math with which he lays out the future will change the way you think  
> about the holy grail of Amerika, GROWTH! It is not theory, it is math  
> using widely published figures from universally accepted sources. The  
> "most important video" part is a bit off putting till you listen to a  
> few minutes of the first video. Be sure not to skip the second one.  
> The financial news lately just makes this information all the more  
> important and relevant.
> most-important-video-you-ll-ever-see.aspx?source=nl
> Ron
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