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[Cob] Curved bond beams

Mitch Ventura h_anpyp at
Thu Sep 25 14:44:45 CDT 2008

Just bought 5 hectares of land in Mexico and hope to build my cob home near the end of 2010, which gives me plenty of lead time for the planning. (Due to prior experience, I am a firm believer in "measure twice, cut once".)
My preference is to use solid wooden beams for the bond beam (live in a seismic area), but I also want to make a house that is curved; obviously straight wooden beams do not line-up well on bends.
How would one best make a bond beam on the top of a curved wall without having to resort to reinforced cement (or is that the only viable and proven option)?
Saludos from Iraq.
Mitch Ventura

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