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[Cob] lime plaster question

Carrie thinksaloud at
Tue Oct 7 17:57:40 CDT 2008

I was just about to mix up some lime for a lime plaster, and I discovered
that my lime is dry.  It has been sitting in a covered 5 gallon bucket for
some months; I guess I should have checked it sooner, alas.  I have added
more water to it but I have a couple of questions:

1. do I need to do anything more than add water and wait?

and especially:

2.  since it dried out, is it now going to have inferior performance?

Also, I don't remember lime having a bad smell; this is a little bit painty
smelling, and I'm wondering if that's a bad sign.

BTW, this is the kind of lime that is indicated for natural plasters, NOT
the kind used in making cement; I bought it at a natural building store, not
at the local hardware store. (I know there is the type S and type N or H or
whatever...I forget the letters, I just know that it's the right kind!)

I have seen mentioned on this list something about another forum or email
list where there are a lot of plaster enthusiasts who work with straw bales
and other natural building.  Do any of you know the link to that forum?