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[Cob] Solar energy hoax?

Mitch Ventura h_anpyp at
Fri Oct 10 05:39:45 CDT 2008

Just came across what seems to be a "too good to be true" website on solar energy (which my cynical side tells me means "it is too good to be true"). Apparently an e-manual is offered at a little less than USD 50.00 on how to construct a solar energy system for around USD 200.00. 
I did a search to see if it was a fraudulent website:
The person questioning the validity of the "Earth4Energy" site had my same doubts. And yes, there are "scam" sites about this, but they are all really sites set-up to sell the e-manual while convincing ingenuous persons that they have used the product to full-satisfaction.
I was wondering if anyone has actually purchased this e-manual and found that perhaps even if the system could not be built as cheap as is claimed (perhaps from government surplus, etc.) it can be done?
If not, is there a good "do-it-yourself" solar energy book out there (without diagrams that require an engineering degree to decipher)?
More than two years ago I came across Ianto Evans' site and at first thought it to be a complete fraud... and was very pleased to find-out that I was wrong as he, his staff, and others who have followed have permitted me to make valuable changes in my lifestyle (well, future lifestyle... it's not that great living on a military base in Iraq...LOL).
Ma’a salama.

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