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[Cob] Cob Touring

Nick Walton nick at
Thu Oct 16 00:40:06 CDT 2008

My wife and I along with a pair of friends are /very /enthusiastic about 
cobbing.  I learned of it from some Aussies living in Mozambique 
building Lorena stoves and cob homes using the methods found in the Hand 
Sculpted House.  We've now been engrossed in the idea for a year, and 
we're 100% emotionally, spiritually and philosophically in line with 
this thing.  But as of yet none but I have gotten our feet wet, or dirty 
as the case may be, and I only built some test bricks.

The four of us are very interested in seeing,  /feeling,/ touching, 
smelling some cob projects, finished and unfinished alike.  So I'm 
trying to put together a cob tour for the four of us.  We don't want to 
bother anyone or over run you, we just want to meet some people who have 
some experience(s) with this thing that we love from afar.  We live 
outside Salem, OR, and realistically would want to travel within a 
hundred and fifty miles or so of there, but we're hoping to find several 
places and people to visit in a two or three day tour.

Any takers? 

Nick Walton