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[Cob] tankless heater

Dean Sherwin costman at
Thu Oct 23 14:32:00 CDT 2008

Yes I had similar concerns and in building my "green" house opted to 
not have a tankless heater.  I too was concerned that a low water 
flow, with my super low flow heads, would not actuate the valve 
properly. My feeling is that these heaters save as much because they 
can be near the faucet, as because of efficiency.
In a heating zone ( thats like 7 months where we are) heat from a 
tank heater should not be wasted. so that is another thing that 
potentially reduces the savings through efficiency.  On the other 
hand I visited a green house the other day and the owner was raving 
about his tankless heater (the one that begins with a T) and he was 
just adding heat to a solar system.
Dean Sherwin

>Is anyone up on using these. My concerns are is there that much of a
>savings if you are already turning off and on a conventional propane
>water heater. I realize the tankless stuff heats much less water.
>Also do they still have minimum water pressure requirements. If so
>are they all different? Looking on the net yesterday at various
>brands I saw no mention of water pressure.
>Living and playing outside the box.

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