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[Cob] Clay

Bill Christensen billc_lists at
Sat Nov 1 01:43:14 CDT 2008

At 11:00 PM -0700 10/29/08, philmoulton wrote:
> We are planning on building a cob home that  my probably incorrect math says
> I need a LOT of clay.
>  3 exterior walls 24 ft long  one interior wall and the entry way figure
> another 26 ft.
> figure also  8 ft high and 2 ft thick (may be able to go 18 inches tho...)
>  That comes out to 1568 sq. ft. of cob, figure it rounded off to 1600sq ft.

That would be CUBIC feet of course, but your rough math is sound.

100 linear ft X 2 ft thick = 200 sf footprint
200 x 8ft high =1600 cu ft.  Probably a bit less once you take into account
windows, doors, and corners.

1600 cu ft /27 cu ft/yard = aprox 60 yards, or 5  twelve yard dumptruck loads of
clay/sand/straw total.

Bill Christensen

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