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[Cob] Hanging shakes on a garden wall

yewberry at yewberry at
Mon Nov 17 16:31:45 CST 2008

"Dulane" wrote:

>What do you embed in the top of 
>your wall to nail the shakes onto?

<waves due south to Dulane>

Are you already finished?  If so, wow, you're quick!  It 
feels like we delivered the urbanite just yesterday.  :)

This wall (I think it's Ianto's) looks like long shakes 
laid horizontally and overlapping a bit:

You could probably also use round logs aligned with the 
wall length-wise.  Dead-man them into the wall and this 
would give you an angled surface on which to nail shakes 
on both sides.  Then they'd need to be capped with 
something, of course...