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[Cob] Muddy Feet

Ray Cirino cobanation at
Sat Nov 22 19:12:05 CST 2008

Dear Dulane,

I couldn't agree with you more. I've tried telling old cobbers and they are stuck thinking they are right. I have a new
way that if you read this it will totally change your ways. I just
mixed with 40 high school students today and we are not only not in pain, but
finished mixing without dirty feet. Here's the ways that will speed
up the process:

 Put handles on billboard  tarp, because it's stronger and lasts 10 years in the sun.

Then cut out 1/2" larger soles and mount them to the bottom of your shoes for more edge when stepping on the tarp. (bare feet are less edge)

For a group mix cut a circle ( 7' ) with six
handles mounted to the edge at equal distance. Then 3 people lift and
stomps on the tarp as it rolls from side to side. It's a fun dance and
you have to keep moving to make it work, so no one just stands there.

The mixes  work  faster and without your feet being cut, muddy or have bad
traction. Those of you who want to do it the same way will have a hard
sell to new people getting into cob. How many of those new blue tarps have you've gone through?


P.S. Here's a few projects I'm doing.

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Date: Saturday, November 22, 2008, 3:05 PM

I don't get it. Cob is so sticky, why make it worse?


Just fold the tarp over and stomp on top of the tarp. And make sure your
shoes have minimal tread.


I had a huge load of the nicest clay, and I still pulled out numerous pieces
of broken glass and pieces of broken wire.


Get your tarps free at the lumber yard too. 


Just sayin'




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