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[Cob] Muddy Feet

yew yewberry at
Sat Nov 22 19:58:27 CST 2008

 >I don't get it. Cob is so sticky, why make
 >it worse?

I'm not a any stretch.  But I admit I love the feeling of 
mud between my toes.  Maybe if I manage to slice my foot open, I'll 
change my tune.  But for now I find it deeply enjoyable.  Thanks again 
for the clay, by the way.  ;)

 >Just fold the tarp over and stomp on top of the tarp.
 >And make sure your shoes have minimal tread.

When the weather's cool, this is my preferred method as well.  I do find 
it hard to get things mixed really thoroughly, and I find more dry spots 
in my batches than when I barefoot-mix, but it works well overall.

 >I had a huge load of the nicest clay, and I
 >still pulled out numerous pieces
 >of broken glass and pieces of broken wire.

You'll be getting a call, lady!  Just kiddin'.  :D

 >Get your tarps free at the lumber yard too.

Amen.  I use it for tarping, too.  I really must post pictures of my 
lumber-wrap covered cottage...