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[Cob] particular question re: bringing electricity

Tys Sniffen tys at
Sat Nov 22 20:41:47 CST 2008


Good for you for looking into this before you get on site! Some quick

1.	it can be amazingly expensive to get the power company to come to
you.  Where I'm at (off grid) it's at least $10,000 a mile.
2.	solar, wind, hydro and conservation are all you need. and, I
believe, all you should look at, even if wires come right to you house now.
My wife and I have been living on 2kw hours a week for two years, and I
wouldn't say we're suffering. 
3.	the electricity question is pertinent to anyone moving to a rural,
potentially off-grid place. Cob doesn't really factor in, unless you're
going to talk to them about permits. which you shouldn't really have to, as
you can ask/pay to get power to the site before construction starts.


Keep it simple, keep it sustainable, keep it low-impact. Good luck.




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