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[Cob] cobbing a metal stove

Charmaine Taylor dirtcheapbuilderbooks at
Sun Nov 23 17:51:30 CST 2008

Thanks-- I DO have a small bag of that, and other  pumice type mixes
sent to me over the years I could test.. good idea.. I still like the
 partial  gap idea of a rolled mesh brace too, so a combo of a burrito
of mesh filled with pumice mix/pearlite and clay can work-- will
report next spring!

On 11/23/08, Dulane <silkworm at> wrote:
> Could you make a 'underlayer' of cob mixed with vermiculite or perlite? Then
>  finish with a layer of regular cob or plaster?
>  Perlite is used for firestop plasters using Portland cement. You'd have to
>  experiment with your mix. Perlite breaks down when you crush it. In the
>  following Wikipedia entry, they show a mix that just looks like powder, but
>  perlite is normally puffy, like little pieces of popcorn.
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>  How do you handle the problem of cracks in the cob, due to the metal
>  wood stove expanding/contracting more than the cob?
>   The result is excellent in
>  terms of thermal performance, but there are some unsightly cracks in the
>  cob. Not serious but annoying.
>  Robert
>  ++++++++++++++++
>  This will be my first winter with a cobbed edge on the stove -- so I
>  can't say yet.. I am just now preparing the stove. I could also use a
>  very high lime -clay mix and see if it just converts back to limestone
>  and stays put without cracking.. I cant say yet.  thanks for the
>  warning-- I will alter my recipe  and I htink I will use  a rolled
>  tube of wire mesh to hold the cob 1/2 inch from the face of the metal
>  itself, possibly the heat dispersion will not  affect the cob as hotly
>  if not in direct contact?  we shall see.
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