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[Cob] cobbing a metal stove

Dulane silkworm at
Sun Nov 23 17:39:32 CST 2008

Could you make a 'underlayer' of cob mixed with vermiculite or perlite? Then
finish with a layer of regular cob or plaster?

Perlite is used for firestop plasters using Portland cement. You'd have to
experiment with your mix. Perlite breaks down when you crush it. In the
following Wikipedia entry, they show a mix that just looks like powder, but
perlite is normally puffy, like little pieces of popcorn.

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How do you handle the problem of cracks in the cob, due to the metal
wood stove expanding/contracting more than the cob?
 The result is excellent in
terms of thermal performance, but there are some unsightly cracks in the
cob. Not serious but annoying.


This will be my first winter with a cobbed edge on the stove -- so I
can't say yet.. I am just now preparing the stove. I could also use a
very high lime -clay mix and see if it just converts back to limestone
and stays put without cracking.. I cant say yet.  thanks for the
warning-- I will alter my recipe  and I htink I will use  a rolled
tube of wire mesh to hold the cob 1/2 inch from the face of the metal
itself, possibly the heat dispersion will not  affect the cob as hotly
if not in direct contact?  we shall see.

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