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[Cob] living roofs + reciprocal roofs (Brian Liloia)

Robert Alcock ralcock at
Thu Nov 27 15:00:44 CST 2008

Hi Ziggy

Thanks for this resource.
Just wanted to give a direct link to the Excel spreadsheet for 
calculating the dimensions of reciprocal frame roofs which is mentioned 
in the post.
for round buildings (where the beams will all be the same length) and
for non-round buildings (where not all the beams are the same length), 
like our spiral-shaped cabin.

By the way, the roof of Snail Cabin has actually got a _double_ 
reciprocal frame - the main roof has twelve beams, with a six-beam 
reciprocal cupola on top to support the skylight. Anybody know of 
another building that has this type of roof? (wouldn't like to brag, but 
i think it's the first in the world... ;-)

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> Thanks, Charmaine.
> Also, on a similar note, I just finally wrote up a bit about how to build a
> reciprocal roof frame for my website. Visit here if interested:
> - ziggy