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[Cob] Janet-windows, doors, thick walls

Tys Sniffen tys at
Thu Dec 18 20:14:40 CST 2008




I would want to suggest that you think about your house design. if you need
5 FEET of cob to get the proper 'R' value because you're doing the
calculations of 1 r for every inch of cob or whatever, I think you're going
at that the wrong way.  Yes, to build a cob house to deal with that cold,
the walls would need to be thick, but at that point, it's like you'll live
in a cave. you'll never get that mound of dirt warm.  Plus, your guy is
right, that's trucks and trucks of material.  


Have you explored straw bale? There must be natural ways to get thick walls
without it being entirely cob.  

Tys <>  

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