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[Cob] Cob and Insulation

Patrick Newberry PNewberry at
Tue Dec 30 15:06:13 CST 2008

Yea, it's like in the 70's here in Middle Georgia!

We cheat with heat, we only heat our bedroom which has a portion of the outside wall as strawbale, but the reset is cob. The back side of room has  a earth back wall (aka thermal mass) but is an interior wall.  The cob wall is the south facing wall, the strawbale wall is the west facing wall. 

The rest of the house stays around in the 50's with no heat. I have a big barrel stove I fire up sometimes, but most of the time we just wear jackets in the non-bedroom portions of the house. 


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> Hi everyone,
> 	I've noticed a lot of discussion on insulation lately (maybe
> because
> it's winter), and although insulation is important, if designed and
> oriented correctly cob can provide a cozy place without the
> overburdened, complicated mixture of materials. If The idea is to
> gather the heat from the sun through windows. Don't put windows in
> spots that get little to no sun. If a window is in full sun it's not
> going to lose heat unless the outside temp. is extremely cold or the
> wind is blowing on it. For those who are concerned about keeping the
> house warm through insulating, my opinion is keep the insulation on
> the north and possibly west walls and leave the south and east walls
> pure cob and glass. If you insulate the south wall you'll be blocking
> the heat from the sun, thus defeating the thermal characteristics of
> cob. Of course I'm not quite as concerned about insulation as many of
> you probably are because I live in Georgia.
> Damon
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