About DeaTech Research

No games, no pretense, DeaTech Research Inc. has been in business since 1988 and has exactly one employee. You may see the use of the word "we" or "our" on this site to refer to the company as opposed "I" or "me" which would refer to myself (Shannon Dealy - President, Janitor, Bottle Washer, and senior executive assistant valet parking attendant :-)

Two Countries?

DeaTech Research Inc. is legally registered to operate in both the USA (Oregon Corporation) and the Netherlands (KvK #67263089). I am a citizen of the USA and have a valid residence permit allowing me to work in the Netherlands. The reason for this is that I am currently involved in research into the molecular mechanisms of aging at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. While the research is important, my business customers take priority over my work at the medical center.


I am something of a knowledge/skills addict, constantly learning new things in a wide range of fields, which makes me well suited to solving technical problems which cross the boundaries of many different disciplines, or that need a solution from "outside the box". Skills acquired over the years include everything from machine tool work and engine rebuilding to SCUBA diving and building durable housing out of whatever materials are lying around. My core technical background includes:

  • MSc in Molecular Medicine, Erasmus University (Rotterdam, NL), 2016 (molecular biology degree with an emphasis on medical applications). Research projects during this two year program involved stem cells, DNA damage/repair and aging.
  • BS in Biochemistry and Biophysics, Oregon State University, 2013, minor in chemistry. Included a one year internship in the Hays DNA repair lab.
  • BS in Computer Science, Oregon State University, 1983, emphasis on the design and implementation of Operating Systems, Assemblers, and Compilers.
  • Extensive electrical engineering knowledge and experience, I have been involved in electronic design and repair both professionally and as a hobby for most of my life.
  • Expert in embedded systems, real-time software, device drivers and performance optimization
  • Medical device projects including: kidney dialysis, fetal monitors, critical care patient monitors, heart defibrillators, automated blood analysis, as well as general lifestyle assessment and health analysis software.
  • Computer networking, internet and web development experience
  • Other projects have included everything from artificial intelligence and scientific applications to battery powered devices and electronic control of mechanical equipment.
  • Work experience includes development to meet FDA and military specifications

What does all of this do for you?  My background in computer science and coding to military specifications means that I know how to provide you with well structured well documented software with a clean maintainable design.  The wide range of knowledge and skills listed above allows me to come up to speed more quickly (should it be necessary), on the design principles of your product, and work with your scientific staff in the development of new devices or modifications to existing ones.  An understanding of electronic design and trouble shooting coupled with background in assemblers, compilers, and operating systems means that I can look at the whole system when a problem occurs, and resolve it because I understand and can work at all of the different levels of the design. This often eliminates the time wasting finger pointing between different scientific and engineering staff, because I don't care what the source of the problem is, I find it and fix it.

My recent degrees in biochemistry and biophysics as well as molecular medicine, along with the years of research projects performed during these degrees make me uniquely qualified to provide services to biotechnology companies which it is highly unlikely that you could find anywhere else. A seasoned software and embedded systems developer with recent degrees providing a solid background in the biological aspects of your project.

If you are looking for someone who can apply knowledge drawn from a wide range of disciplines, please contact me.

Thank you,

Shannon C. Dealy
DeaTech Research Inc.