Natural Building Pages - Linking Policies

Links to this site:

You are welcome to create links to any of the pages on this site, though it is recommended that you only link to one of the primary pages since these are the least likely to move, and even if they do, forwarding links will be provided to their new locations.  The primary pages on this site currently are:

Email links:

Please DO NOT setup links to the email addresses given on this site, these addresses may change from time to time, and these email links are for answering questions that people may have AFTER they have read the web pages.  If you create email links, then people will often send requests for information that they could easily find on the web pages.  Please just link to the relevant web pages instead.

Links from this site:

While your links to this site are appreciated, generally we will not provide reciprocal links.  The reason for this is that all pages on this site are setup and maintained as a public service on a strictly volunteer basis.  Maintaining large lists of links to other sites can be very time consuming, and more time spent on maintaining these lists means less time is available to maintain the site and add new features.  Instead of providing lots of individual links, we try to maintain a few links to some of the larger more comprehensive sites, particularly those which provide a large number of links or which provide unusual or hard to find information.  Eventually, when time permits, we may setup an automated link management system that will allow you to add your own links from this site to yours.