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The Biotechnology Problem

You have a great idea for a new product, but you can't get it to work. Your engineers don't understand the chemistry or the biology, your biologists don't understand computer programming or electrical engineering, your software engineers and hardware engineers can't even agree on whether the problem is the software or the hardware. Quite often, it is not just one bug, but a series of bugs interacting in both overt and subtle ways. Bugs in the software, bugs in the hardware, problems with the chemistry and/or biology of your approach. Perhaps even the core of your design is flawed. The real problem you face is that your product crosses too many domains, and while everyone has a general understanding of the overall design, no one is capable of understanding all of the low level interactions which cross the boundaries between the hardware, software, chemistry and biology.

After many years working as a consultant, developing and debugging computer software and hardware, I returned to school for several years to prepare myself for an internal research project. In the process of this preparation, I earned the following additional degrees:

  • BS Biochemistry and Biophysics (with a chemistry minor, 2013)
  • MSc Molecular Medicine (2016)

These degrees and their associated research projects, in conjunction with my original computer science degree, extensive electrical engineering experience and a long career including work on a number of biomedical devices have given me a unique skill set with which to solve many of the interdisciplinary problems faced by biotechnology companies.

Please let me know how I can help you.


Shannon Dealy, dealy@deatech.com