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The Biotechnology Development Problem (real example)

  • Biochemist says: "That reaction doesn't happen"
  • Computer scientist hears: "The reaction never happens, 100% guaranteed"
  • What the Biochemist meant: "The reaction is thermodynamically unfavorable under our environmental conditions and happens less than 10% of the time"

Thousands of misunderstandings like this happen every day. Each time this happens, it is potentially a bug in your software, electronics or other aspects of your biotechnology product. This costs time and money, possibly delaying market entry of your product or harming your reputation with customers. Additionally, products which cross the boundaries between two (or more) disciplines such as: software, electronics, biology and chemistry, create unique challenges, particularly when they are first created. When the product doesn't work on the first try (and they never do), where is the problem and who has the necessary multi-disciplinary knowledge to solve it?

Solution: You need someone whose knowledge and skills span all of these domains!

This is precisely what DeaTech Research can provide for you. One person who can understand the whole system: Software, Hardware, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Biology:

  • Work with scientists and engineers to minimize communication problems
  • System integration and whole system debug
  • Suggest approaches that won't occur to people from a single discipline
  • Find the most difficult bugs that cross system boundaries
  • Biological data analysis
  • Scientific software development
  • System control software and device drivers

Decades of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering experience with recent life science degrees.

  • MSc Molecular Medicine (molecular biology with medical applications) - 2016
  • BS Biochemistry and Biophysics, minor in Chemistry - 2013
  • BS Computer Science - 1983

I also have over two years of hands-on laboratory research experience performing PCR, flow cytometry, western blots, immunostaining and many other techniques. This gives me a unique understanding (when compared to most other software or hardware engineers) of the needs of researchers should your project cater to the laboratory environment.

Please let me know how I can assist with your development requirements.

Shannon Dealy - dealy@deatech.com

Photo of Shannon Dealy