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Biotechnology Services

After many years providing a wide range of computer consulting and development services, I returned to school for several years to earn additional degrees:

  • BS Biochemistry and Biophysics (with a chemistry minor, 2013)
  • MSc Molecular Medicine (2016)

These degrees and their associated research projects, in conjunction with a long career including extensive electrical engineering experience and a computer science degree have prepared me to provide a range of unique services for biotechnology.

Biotechnology Devices

With a broader understanding of the technologies involved, I bring a full systems perspective to the architecture of your product. I can see potential weaknesses in a system and possible alternative approaches which may provide a faster time to market or less expensive design alternatives.

Bringing up a new system often involves solving a wide range of problems from different parts of the system, interacting in often subtle ways. Much of my past work has involved diagnosing hardware, software and related problems for new and existing control systems. With the addition of my recent studies, I am uniquely qualified to understand and resolve problems in the design and implementation of complex biotechnology devices.

Custom Bioinformatics

If you are looking to perform standard bioinformatics analysis, there are people who are well trained for this purpose, and while I have experience with RNA sequencing analysis using standard tools, I am probably not going to be your best choice. However, if you need custom development done by someone with a deeper understanding of molecular biology and/or greater knowledge of software development tools and performance optimization, this is where my skills can provide a substantial advantage over the skills of a bioinformatician.