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[Cob] help with cob oven

Jon Kerr jonskerr at
Sun May 4 23:34:21 CDT 2008

On May 4, 2008, at 6:36 PM, Maggie Henry wrote:

> or if you have any suggestions for short cuts to digging up clay.

Find a potter. You could actually order clay from someplace like  
Continental Clay, they supply people all over the country, but if you  
just go to art fairs you'll meet a ton of potters. They usually reuse  
clay, but might have waste clay you can acquire. Even sweeping the  
floor can yield a ton of clay. You'd still need to mix it with sand  
and straw to make cob, but it sure beats digging.

> I'm just
> too old for that. By the time I got it dug up both my shoulders  
> would be
> shot! I want one of these so bad!


..and that's the point I wake up screaming with blood pouring out of  
my ears.
--excerpt about the Backstreet Boys getting back together from http://     <*>    0~